About K&R

K&R is a family owned and operated business built on integrity, hard work and dedication to its customers. The business began in 1978 when Konrad Stutzmann and his brother Richard bought 10 vending machines. Within a year, Konrad’s wife Johanna began preparing and packaging fresh food in her kitchen so they could offer full line vending programs to the larger industrial customers. Three generations and two building additions later, the small vending business has grown into a widely recognized and respected operation throughout Southern New Jersey, Delaware and Eastern Pennsylvania.

Today, K&R continues to thrive and take the food and refreshment service industry to new heights. Under the watchful eyes of General Manager Brad Whitson, his wife and Konrad's daughter Silvia, their son Bradlee and his wife Lauren, and Richard’s son Rich, K&R has a team of dedicated administrators, managers, technicians, cooks and service personnel working together to support its expansive customer base. Each client is given a customized refreshment program which can include fresh food, snacks, cold drinks and hot beverages offered through a range of services including vending, micro markets and office coffee services.

K&R has always embraced technology to evolve its services and reach new customers. It was the first vending company to use handheld computers to optimize its vending program in New Jersey and now its vending service schedules are managed using cutting edge remote monitoring technology. Product inventory is tracked with real-time data and each machine order is pre-kitted using a pick-to-light system. Patrons to K&R's machines can conveniently pay with credit cards or the USConnect card, which also provides cash back and other rewards. These technologies make K&R stand out as a leader in the industry; so much so that Bradlee, K&R's Operations Manager, is invited to speak as an expert on modern vending techniques and systems at events across the country!

What started as just 10 machines has grown to well over one thousand machines for customers across the tri-state area!