Office Coffee Services

Whether it's by the pot or single cup, K&R can help you design the perfect office coffee solution for your employees. We provide a wide range of brands and types of hot beverages to suit different tastes, along with sweeteners, creamers and other supplies to make your perfect cup of coffee!

Let us help you find a coffee program that best meets your specific needs.

Route 66 is K&R's line of custom roasted coffees made exclusively for us by a family owned roaster! Our selection of flavorful blends provides a style to suit every taste, from a medium bodied doughnut shop to a deep flavored dark roast. Route 66 makes a delicious cup of coffee every time!

If you have any questions about an ideal office coffee solution for your facility, contact K&R to learn more!

Filtered Water Coolers

Having clean, fresh water available to your employees in the workplace plays an important role in keeping people healthy and energized. K&R's filtered point-of-use water coolers are equipped with dual options for hot and cold, giving employees convenient and sanitary access to water. Each cooler is plumbed into an existing water line and equipped with a certified filtering system to reduce odors, unwanted tastes and chlorine. It's also a sustainable office water solution to help eliminate the hassle of storing and discarding large plastic jugs!

K&R provides cooler maintenance service as part of its office water program. If you would like more information about our coffee or water solutions, please call us at 800-427-1089 or visit our contact page.