Customizable Micro Markets to fit your needs, space, and budget.

What is a Micro Market?

K&R introduced micro markets (Markets) into this area in early 2011 as a brand new way to offer refreshments to your employees. These Markets feature a self-checkout kiosk which takes both cash and credit/debit cards, and offer an unprecedented variety of high-quality fresh foods, popular snacks, cold beverages and upscale coffee. Markets are customizable to fit your company’s space, tastes and resources, and are carefully designed to blend into your existing architecture. Think of it as having your own miniature convenience store at work - a true alternative to off-site dining!

Easily Monitored, Easy to Use

Each Market has unobtrusive cameras for security and inventory is monitored remotely so we can restock your favorites quickly. Heart-healthy items are clearly labeled for health-conscious employees. Products' bar codes are used for fastself-checkout, and for items without a bar code - like fresh fruit – there’s a simple to use no-scan feature. Easy to use, easily monitored. What could be simpler than that?

Employee Rewards and Initiatives

Beyond their convenience and variety, our Markets also support company initiatives surrounding healthy lifestyles, workplace morale, employee rewards and more! It is a great way to keep employees happier, healthier and energized on the job.