USConnect OneCard Program

K&R offers the new revolutionary USConnect rewards card program, a benefit specifically intended to maximize return for employees on vending purchases and enhance their break time experience. This special program works in conjunction with our cashless payment system so your employees have another convenient way to make a purchase - and save money while doing it. It's innovation at its best and we're proud to offer it exclusively to our customers in the tri-state region.

Benefits of the USConnect OneCard:

Contact us today to get started with USConnect. This is the future of vending - why not let us help you enjoy it?

Smartphone App - Convenient & Free!

The new USConnectMe mobile app can be downloaded for free to your employees’ Apple or Android smartphones. It gives them easy, direct access to their USConnectMe account where they can check transactions, add funds to an account, redeem rewards points for cash back, access exclusive deals and discounts, and much more. It's just one more way we are revolutionizing the vending experience for our customers!