What does it take to provide the best vending program for your employees?
K&R has the answer!

The Area’s Finest Fresh Food

Since 1979 we’ve made our own fresh food using only the finest ingredients - it’s one of the main reasons we’ve grown over the years. Prepared daily in our commercial kitchen, we offer a wide variety of fresh and delicious hot and cold hoagies, deli sandwiches, entrees and other items to meet the hungriest appetites. We also offer a variety of reduced calorie and lower-fat salads, sandwiches and other options for health-conscious employees. We monitor fresh food purchases to ensure we maintain the perfect balance of both options for your employees.

National and Regional Favorites

K&R partners with nationally and regionally recognized snack and drink manufacturers (Pepsi™, Coke®, Frito-Lay™, Herr's®, Snyder's®, Hershey's, M&M/Mars®, Tastykake®, etc.) to provide a wide variety of choices to meet your employees’ desires. This includes numerous healthier items which we clearly identify in our machines.

Remote Machine Monitoring

Through remote monitoring, K&R’s management team knows when and where to go, and exactly what to take to restock popular vending items. With our remote monitoring system tracking every purchase, your favorite items will always be fresh and readily available.

Multiple Payment Solutions

What good is a well stocked machine if your employees have no way to make a purchase? That’s why our machines accept coins, cash (many accept $5.00 bills), debit cards, credit cards as well as our USConnect rewards card, Google Wallet and Apple Pay.

Rewards Programs

Our USConnect rewards program provides cash back and other promotions for your employees. The rewards can help motivate employees to use on-site services so they stay on property during breaks. We can also craft special promotions to reward your employees who make smart, healthy choices or to help support your other corporate goals and initiatives.

Energy Efficient Equipment

Our cold drink machines are Energy Star rated and we use LED lighting on our snack machines to conserve power. We also are in the process of converting our fleet to more environmentally friendly vehicles. This is all part of our effort to reduce our carbon footprint.