We have the snack, food and beverage vending machines you’ve been waiting for. At K&R Market Fresh we are bringing you the best vending services in Bellmawr. Each of our Bellmawr vending machines is built with convenience and reliability in mind, and comes equipped with cutting-edge technology that will wow your Bellmawr offices! Employees will have the unique opportunity to pay with mobile apps on their phones or with their debit/credit card, which means no more cash on hand!

In addition to modern technology, our Bellmawr vending machines are easily customizable. At K&R Breakroom Services we will work with you to make sure your Bellmawr vending equipment is stocked with the latest snacks and flavors, as well as your employees local and national favorites. Let us help you build the breakroom of your dreams!

Snack vending machines and office pantry services in Bellmawr


Deliver a special coffee experience at your Bellmawr business! At K&R Breakroom Services we have a wide variety of amazing coffee brewing systems that will keep Bellmawr employees energized at the office. Choose from traditional brewing systems to single cup and specialty brewers. Each is unique in its own way and we will help you choose something that works great for your Bellmawr workplace! We also want to make sure that you have a stress free, quality coffee experience here at K&R Breakroom Services. We will stock your breakroom with cream, sugar, straws, cups and everything you need to make a quality cup of coffee!

In addition to excellent office coffee service, offer your Atlantic City employees delicious filtered water from K&R Breakroom Services. Our water filtration systems fit conveniently in your breakroom and deliver fresh water all day long. Our systems deliver hot and cold water in your Atlantic City breakroom, so employees can cool down or warm up whenever they need!

No Bellmawr breakroom is complete without delicious filtered water from K&R Breakroom Services! Our water filtration systems come in two unique designs; choose from a beautiful floor standing or counter top model. Our water filtration systems remove toxins and impurities and also deliver hot water to your Bellmawr employees, allowing them to create the perfect cup of hot tea any time of day!

Bellmawr water filtration services and office coffee services


Bring the corner store to your Bellmawr office today with K&R Breakroom Services! We will help you create the perfect micro-market for your Bellmawr space that comes equipped with its very own racks, coolers and displays. Fill the shelves with your employees favorite snacks, beverages, and ready-to-serve meals.

Bellmawr employees will appreciate the benefits of adding this modern take on vending to their office! Our micro-markets have the ability to remain open 24/7, come equipped with self-checkout kiosks, and allow customers to collaborate amongst one another while hand-picking from a wide range of products. Talk about an upgrade!

Let K&R Breakroom Services help you create the breakroom that your Bellmawr employees desire at 800-427-1089 or e-mail

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