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Break Room Preparation is Key for Employee Morale in Dover

Break room preparation for your Dover office is key for employee morale as well as help with your company culture. Does your back-to-work plan meet all your employee needs and changing components of the new-normal? Are you offering your employees access to the onsite food and beverages they need and want? If you are in a position within your Dover organization where you are tasked with employee-based initiatives, you are going to want to read this.

Food Makes People Happy

Do not be surprised, but employee engagement includes snacks, beverages, and food as part of the equation. Keeping your Dover employees engaged and happy on the job has a lot to do with what they have access to during their workday. The tools and technology necessary to fulfill their duties all do their part in making employees feel validated and secure. But there is more to on-the-job happiness. What do you offer your employees in terms of food options and healthy, on-the-go items for a brain boost?

Employee Engagement is a Real Metric

With the workforce changing considerably after COVD-19, it is crucial for Dover organizations to consider workplace culture and how to meet employees’ needs. Focusing your break room preparation on what makes your employees tick, feel valued, and how to support them starts with engagement. And a fully loaded, healthy vending machine or micro-market never hurts.

Foster a positive workplace culture

Any good Dover organization knows how incredibly valuable and necessary good people are. Creating an environment that fosters a positive and rewarding workplace culture can prove to be successful if executed properly. Adding a micro-market or vending service from K&R Market Fresh can be a simple solution to ensuring employees are engaged and happy while on the clock in Dover. Remember – food makes people happy!

How to Show Value in your Dover Organization

Today’s employees have adopted the working lunch mentality favoring onsite lunches at their desks or in collaborative breakrooms with coworkers. Installing a K&R Market Fresh micro-market with fresh food options or a snack vending machine is something that surely will drive engagement and show your employees you value them.

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Wilmington Employee Retention | Break Room Perks | Workplace Culture

Retain Wilmington Employees with Break Room Perks

Employee retention and break rooms go hand in hand. Employees value their break room perks. Whether it’s flexible working hours, professional development opportunities, gym memberships, working remotely, or meals or catered food, perks can have a big impact on an employee’s lifestyle quality. Perks also create a positive return on investment for employers. Break room perks help to create a culture and environment where employees can find that work-life balance. If employees are happy at work, they’re going to produce more. And this leads to higher retention.

A cost-effective company benefit that is highly valued as an employee retention tool is the office break room. But it isn’t just any type of break room. This break room should support community building, be aesthetically pleasing, let employees know that their well-being is important, and offer a variety of healthy and traditional snacks, food, and beverages.

Wilmington Employee Retention | Break Room Perks | Healthy Balance


Employees value a community atmosphere in the place where they work. And a common way to build a sense of community is to share a conversation over a meal, cup of coffee or snack in the break room and that includes your Wilmington employees. Eating together is one of the easiest ways to create strong social bonds in any group, allowing your employees to make connections outside their teams and departments. And having an inviting break room atmosphere provides a location where employee connections can be made.


In order to draw employees into the break room, the space must be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming. Creating an aesthetically pleasing break room can vary from a few small design changes to a complete overhaul. Features that appeal to most employees include increasing the amount of natural lighting, updating fixtures, incorporating aspects of nature such as plants, wood, or water, and adding new places to socialize or take a nap.

Current and Future Employees

A transformed break room creates a community atmosphere and helps employees connect with each other. It also draws in potential new hires. Break room perks like micro-markets and pantry service in inviting spaces help Wilmington employers build a stronger relationship with current employees as well as show new hires that their quality-of-life matters.

Whether it’s adding office coffee service or healthy vending machines, or designing a completely new space, K&R Market Fresh can help. For more information, call us at 800-427-1089. We look forward to hearing from you.