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Provide ‘Thanks’ Giving All Year Long in your Wilmington Break Room

Wilmington break rooms can provide ‘thanks’ giving all year long to employees and should be a normal part of daily business operations. Your break room is an incredibly important part of your Wilmington office. And if you want your employees to be productive and appreciated at work, they need a place to take occasional breaks and relax. Depending on how your break room is set up, there are many ways to say ‘thank you’ to employees in that space.

Here are tips that can help you create the best possible break room for your Wilmington business.

Create a Relaxing Atmosphere with Onsite Refreshments

For your Wilmington break room to be effective, your employees need to feel like they are taking a break from their work. Incorporating a custom pantry service program from K&R Market Fresh can help do just that. How? Offering healthy refreshment options onsite allows your employees to grab a snack, beverage, or healthy meal while taking a break from their workload. And this speaks volumes when it comes to your employees feeling appreciated. So, thank them with a break room program stocked with their favorites.

Provide Caffeine, Snacks and Beverages

No break room is complete without office coffee, snacks, or beverages. And if you want to create a break room experience that your employees will really love, offer up a variety of quality coffee blends, delicious snacks, and thirst-quenching beverages. Providing these break room amenities can help your employees get an extra energy boost during their workday. And they will appreciate having their favorite refreshments available during their breaks.

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Show Appreciation with Loyalty Promotions

There are countless ways to show your employees you appreciate them and their dedication to your business. Upgrade your Wilmington break room experience with a custom vending service or Bistro-To-Go® micro-market equipped with the USConnectMe program. Your employees will earn loyalty reward points for every item they purchase from your Wilmington vending machine or micro-market! And providing your employees with additional rewards like this can be an effortless way to say thank you.

Let K&R Market Fresh help you create a form of appreciation for your Wilmington employees with a custom designed break room experience. Whether its vending services, a micro-market, a pantry service program or office coffee services, your employees will know that you appreciate all that they do. For more information, please contact K&R Market Fresh at 800-427-1089 or info@krvending.com.

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4 Ways a Dover Healthy Vending Service Increases Employee Productivity

How can a Dover healthy vending service help your business? For starters, a workplace operates better when the employees feel healthy and productive. Not only does crossing items off a to-do list feel fulfilling, it also results in an increased workflow. Do you want to help your team stay productive throughout the workweek? If so, it’s important to stock your Dover break room with the products they need to succeed.

Here are four ways your Dover vending machine service can ensure your team is always at their best.

Healthy Vending Machines are Convenient

One amazing employee benefit of having a Dover healthy vending service is that your staff can grab a nutritious meal right in the break room. For example, our Dover micro-markets and vending services offer fruit, salads, yogurt, and so much more. These products help curb hunger and keep employees feeling healthy.

Additionally, this takes the need to travel for lunch out of your employees’ minds. Instead of going off campus, your team can just take a stroll down the hall to the break room. There, they’ll find everything they need to enjoy a delicious meal.

Delicious and Nutritious Options

Healthy foods don’t just make a person feel better. Equally important, healthy snacks help employees stay focused. For instance, an employee that feels full will be able to concentrate more on their work tasks and less on their grumbling belly.

A Dover healthy refreshment service that includes better-for-you food options will keep your staff on track. Plus, it shows that your company cares about their well-being!

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Fosters Community in the Break Room

An interactive social workspace fosters better relationships among your staff. When employees feel more connected, they feel more satisfied. Additionally, this sense of community in the workplace will boost office morale!

So, how can you cultivate a break room community? You can offer superb Dover modern vending machines! A break room that has yummy snacks will entice your team to use it more often. Furthermore, employees can enjoy a chat with a coworker as they grab a quick bite or beverage.

Tip: Ensure your break room offers comfortable seating and convenient equipment. For instance, comfy chairs and a microwave are break room must-haves!

Promotes Innovation

A Dover break room isn’t just a space to socialize. It can also serve as a meeting place to attend classes. Moreover, a break room can be used as a space to develop new ideas. Employees can get together for coffee and collaboration.

Ready for a Healthy Vending Service?

An outstanding Dover break room is a place where employees can grab a meal and feel more motivated. If you want to enhance your workplace break room, K&R Market Fresh can help! We’ll work with you to choose healthy products that boost employee productivity.

For more information, call us today at 800-427-1089. We can’t wait to speak to you!