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Encourage More Water Consumption in the Wilmington Workplace

Water filtration systems encourage more water consumption in the workplace. This should be a year-long health goal for Wilmington organizations. Not too many people think about being dehydrated during winter months, but it is possible. Staying hydrated during the workday in winter months is essential for employees to be alert, focused, and energized. Therefore, a Wilmington water filtration system can be good for workplace productivity and maintain healthy employees all year long.

Installing an office water filtration system will encourage more water consumption and keep employees hydrated. It can help reduce the amount of plastic waste in the building while providing a clean, refreshing option as an alternative to traditional vending beverages. It also helps you brew a better cup of coffee!

Better to stay hydrated

By having an office water filtration system, it gives employees access to great tasting, filtered water to stay properly hydrated throughout the day without the added sugar or caffeine. In addition, keeping your employees hydrated will help to promote good health and reduce the number of sick days they take.

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Better tasting water

That is exactly what employees get when you install a SodaStream Professional! SodaStream makes for a terrific addition to your break room space. It allows employees to enjoy a nice glass of sparkling water as they head to their desks or into a meeting. Plus, it offers a variety of great tasting unsweetened flavored beverages to pair with a healthy meal from K&R Market Fresh custom micro-market.

Better for the Planet

Investing in a water dispenser filtration system means you can say goodbye to using a single-use plastic bottle. Swapping out the use of single-use plastic bottles with an office water filtration system immediately reduces the amount of plastic waste your Wilmington organization generates daily.

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Tips to Elevate Your New Castle Office Coffee and Tea Service!

An office coffee and tea service are a must-have in every break room. Flavorful and aromatic, tea calms the body and quiets the mind. In fact, employees that sip on tea feel relaxed, soothed, and satisfied!

Do you want to bring all the benefits of a tea service to your New Castle break room? Consider hosting a weekly teatime for your team! For example, you can organize a “tea and talk” session every Friday during lunch. This can help promote employee engagement and strengthen your workplace culture. Moreover, it will give your staff a chance to recharge.

Before you pull out the cups and kettle, here are four tips to consider for your New Castle coffee and tea service.

1. Eat Before You Drink

Ensure everyone’s belly is full of food before drinking tea. Equally important, make sure your team loads up on tasty treats from your New Castle vending machine first! Drinking tea on an empty stomach can cause tummy troubles. Not to mention, a tempting cookie or coffee cake pairs perfectly with a warm cup of tea.

2. Let It Cool

Be sure to let the tea cool for a bit before sipping it. Any scolding hot drink can irritate your mouth. Equally important, tea is most enjoyable when it is lukewarm. Everyone at your tea party can enjoy chatting while their tea cools. Furthermore, they can grab their favorite snack from your New Castle micro-market to enjoy when it is ready to drink. This way, everyone can enjoy their tea with a tempting treat!


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3. Know What Tea Works Best for You

Did you know that certain types of teas are better choices for certain times of day for consumption? That is right! For instance, English blends are the perfect way to start your day. In contrast, mellow green teas make a wonderful afternoon delight.

Depending upon what time your tea party is, stock up on different tea selections. This way, your entire team can benefit!

4. Include Filtered Water in Your Tea Service

To fully enjoy all the rich flavors and aromas of your tea, make sure you make it with filtered water. If you have a New Castle water filtration service in your break room, this is super simple to do! In fact, all you need to do is fill your cup up and add your favorite tea bag!

Enjoy the Benefits of a Tea Service in Your New Castle Break Room

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