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Healthy Breakfast are Vital in New Castle Breakrooms

A healthy breakfast is a great way to fuel up and start the day.  That’s why K&R Breakroom Services offers a diverse mix of choices PERFECT for New Castle, DE; Elton, MD; and North East, MD breakrooms. How do we know? Because we support the “Right Choice… For A Healthier You” program. It is dietitian-led and offers support beyond the breakroom. This program lets us offer foods that taste great and also support employee wellness and boost productivity.

What can a healthy breakfast do for you and your company? Keep reading to find out how a healthy breakfast can start your day off right and discover some of our favorite better-for-you breakfast options.

A Healthy Breakfast Gives You Fuel

Eating the right foods early in the morning is crucial to having a good day. Firstly, it can boost your mental state. That is, eating a healthy breakfast can help you feel happier and more prepared mentally. In turn, you are ready to tackle the day’s challenges.

Breakfast also provides your body what it needs for the day. It gives your body nutrients and carbs that let it move and work well. After all, you were in a state of fasting for the night. Breakfast is the time to get the fuel you need and jumpstart your metabolism. The food you eat in the morning is a signal to your body. It’s saying — wake up, it’s time to burn calories and change food into energy.

Mindful Choice that Nourishes

Choosing a healthy breakfast shows you care about yourself. You are giving your body what it needs and fueling your mind. So, here are a few breakfast options we love to start the day.

Go Greek
Begin your morning with a Greek yogurt parfait. Creamy and probiotic packed plus the layers of fresh fruit and nutritious seeds make this a wholesome and beneficial breakfast.

North East MD Employee Breakfast | Healthy Refreshment Services | Employee Wellness

Go Nutty
Oatmeal is a hearty and nutritious classic. It helps your cholesterol and heart. Make it fun by adding different chopped nuts. Just imagine a steaming mug of oatmeal topped with vitamin E-rich almonds in your Elton breakroom.

Go Cheesy
You might be thinking, cottage cheese? For breakfast? But cottage cheese is a great healthy option for the morning. It’s full of protein that will keep you feeling full and energized. Top it with fruit and nuts for a cottage cheese breakfast bowl or even put it on some whole wheat or gluten-free toast.

Go Old School
Cereal is a classic breakfast from childhood. Give it an adult boost by choosing a low-sugar, high-fiber variety. The crunchy cereal and cold milk are a perfect pairing. This could be part of a delicious addition to your North East Maryland office pantry service.

While you can find some of these breakfast options in New Castle vending machines, a micro-market will offer many more choices ranging from snacks, fresh food, beverages, and healthy refreshments.

Breakroom Healthy Options Services Support Your Team

Healthy breakroom services that include breakfast options have a great impact on your staff as well. After all, they get the same benefits from the morning meal as you do. Plus, there are benefits for your New Castle area company as well. For example, it shows you support your staff’s wellbeing. They will know you value them and their health goals. That drives up employee satisfaction.

Another positive of breakfast in the breakroom is retention and loyalty. Your team will feel backed by their employer. That makes them more likely to stay. Plus, they will tell other top talent what a great company you are to work for. That helps you in hiring the best.

Let’s not forget that having breakfast onsite is a time saver. Your team doesn’t have to search for healthy choices outside the office. The benefits of this go beyond breakfast too. A New Castle micro-market, for example, offers hundreds of food and drink choices for any time of day. It’s a great way to save your staff time and energy.

Get Healthy Breakfast Options With Breakroom Services from K&R Breakroom Services

Give yourself a boost in the morning with a healthy breakfast. It will help mentally and physically. Even better, bring in options such as Greek yogurt and high-fiber cereal that really pack a nutritional boost. K&R Breakroom Services makes it easy.

Contact us if you are interested in breakroom services. Reach K&R Breakroom Services at 800-427-1089 or

Wilmington Healthy Vending Options | Newark Breakfast Choices | Smyrna Office Pantry

Why Your Wilmington, Newark, and Smyrna, DE Employees Need Breakfast Options

Breakfast is important for your employees in Wilmington, Newark, and Smyrna, DE. It sets the tone for their day and helps them stay healthy and energized. That’s why it’s crucial to offer them easy and nutritious breakfast options in the break room. Let’s take a deeper look at why breakfast matters and how you can get it on-site to help staff start the day off right.

Breakfast Snacks for the Break Room

Research shows that eating breakfast has a big impact on our ability to think clearly and stay focused. When employees skip breakfast, they may feel tired and have trouble concentrating. They’re also more likely to snack on unhealthy foods later on. By providing breakfast, you can help your team stay sharp and be more productive at work.

Make breakfast easy and accessible by having a Wilmington, Newark, and Smyrna, DE vending machine in your office break room. These machines can offer a range of breakfast snacks that are perfect for a quick and tasty morning meal. Imagine your employees grabbing a protein-packed granola bar, a yummy meat snack for an energy boost, or a mix of dried fruits and nuts to keep them going. And if they’re in the mood for something extra, they can pair a tasty pastry with a cup of fresh office coffee. With vending machines, breakfast options are right at their fingertips, so no one starts their day hungry.

Wilmington Micro-Market Breakfast | Newark Fresh Food Options | Smyrna Coffee Service

Fresh Food Breakfast Options

If you want to go beyond snacks and offer hearty breakfast choices, think about setting up a micro-market in your office. A Wilmington, Newark, and Smyrna, DE micro-market is like a mini grocery store where employees can find fresh food and healthy beverages. It’s an easy way for them to grab breakfast without having to leave the office. Serve things like breakfast sandwiches made with good ingredients, fresh fruit to start the day off right, and yogurt cups packed with nutrients. By having a micro-market, you show your team that you care about their health. Plus, it makes it easy for them to make healthy choices.

Free Breakfast for Employees

You can even go the extra mile and subsidize breakfast items in your office pantry service. That means employees can eat breakfast for free! Cereal is a popular choice in many office pantries because it’s quick and easy. Plus, your employees can choose from different cereals to suit their tastes and dietary needs. You can also offer separate cartons of milk for the cereal, as well as granola bars and yogurt cups. These small additions can make a big difference!

Upgrade Your Wilmington, Newark, and Smyrna, DE Break Room Breakfast Options Today!

Getting breakfast options for your team shows that you value their well-being and want to support their success. You have the power to create a workplace that promotes healthy habits and helps your employees thrive. So, why not start the day right and give your crew the breakfast options they love?

Contact K&R Breakroom Services at 800-427-1089 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, water filtration or refreshment services. We look forward to working with you!

Dover Micro-Markets | Middleton Markets | Break Room Services

Why Dover Employees Will Love A Subsidized Micro-Market

Looking for new ways to boost employee satisfaction? Want to attract and retain top talent? If so, a Dover subsidized micro-market may be the answer. This breakroom service is the best staff perk. Your team can enjoy free food, tasty snacks, and great beverages. Subsidized micro-markets can also boost employee retention rates. Therefore, the company benefits too!

Keep reading to learn how a subsidized micro-market can improve your workplace.

What is a Subsidized Micro-Market?

Firstly, you should know what a subsidized micro-market is. Middleton micro-markets are mini convenience stores filled with snacks, fresh food, and trendy drinks. They are open  24/7. Plus, they’re self-service stores. Employees can pay for refreshments using cash, credit cards, or mobile wallets.

With subsidized micro-markets, the business covers a portion, or all, of the costs. You can reward employees with free high-quality food. Or, offer deep discounts. This makes products more affordable for employees.

K&R Breakroom Service is proud to offer this Dover breakroom solution. A micro-market solution is ideal for most businesses. And, they can be customized to meet the needs of your company’s breakroom space and budget.

Subsidized Micro-Market Benefits for Staff

Subsidized Micro-Market Services Milford | Recruitment | Happy Employees

A subsidized micro-market is a top workplace perk. Some of the beast benefits for employees include:

  • 24/7 Convenience: Micro-markets are open around-the-clock. Thus, employees can shop whenever they want. There are healthy meals for lunch or snacks for a sweet treat in the afternoon.  Staff won’t have to drive to stores or local cafes. They can get tasty, nutritious food right on-site.
  • Healthy Choices: Micro-markets promote employee well-being. Your team has 24/7 access to healthy options. For instance, they can buy soups, sandwiches, or salads. Employees can also get healthy beverages to keep them hydrated. Furthermore, employees can read labels to make healthier choices!
  • Employee Satisfaction: Micro-markets make employees happy. They can buy their favorite foods. Plus, they’ll spend more time together building social bonds in the office.

Businesses Benefit Too!

Our breakroom solution is great for businesses. How? Firstly, Milford micro-markets can keep staff healthy with more nutritious options. They’ll eat better and feel their best.  When your team is healthy, they tend to take fewer sick days which can save your company on healthcare costs.

Secondly, micro-markets can bump up productivity. Hungry employees are less focused and may also feel tired in the afternoon. Snacks and drinks at the micro-market help overcome that midday slump.  They are an instant pick-me-up. As a result, your team will be alert. They’ll also be more productive by staying onsite during their breaks.

Lastly, micro-markets can help you attract top talent. This sets your business apart.

Stand Out from the Crowd with a Subsidized Micro-Market

Ready to wow your Dover employees? Consider getting a subsidized micro-market.

Want to learn more? Contact K&R Breakroom Services today at 800-427-1089. We offer micro-market, vending, office coffee, and pantry services. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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4 Ways to Treat New Castle, Bear & Claymont, DE Employees to a Breakation

This summer, delight New Castle, Bear and Claymont, DE employees with a breakation. What’s a breakation? Think summer vacation meets break time. Breakations are great opportunities to relax and recharge that you can bring to the workplace. Offer your team a break room escape. This prevents burnout and also boosts productivity. Thus, employees feel great. And your business benefits too!

What goes into a breakation? Begin by creating an employee haven with quality New Castle, Bear and Claymont, DE break room services. Here’s how.

1. Music Sets the Perfect Tone

Silence may be golden in movie theaters, but it’s a different story in offices. Music motivates employees. Plus, it boosts staff satisfaction. That’s because it lifts your mood. It also drowns out distractions.

Play lo-fi beats in your New Castle, Bear and Claymont, DE break room. Or, try classical music. This creates a relaxing space. It also improves your office coffee service. Employees can chill out as they sip their coffee-based drinks.

Want something different? Try coffee shop sounds. This makes employees feel like they’re in a café. Get a bean-to-cup brewer that grinds fresh coffee beans to complete the coffee shop vibe.

2. Refreshing Breakation Foods

What’s one of the best things about vacations? Food, of course! That’s why our New Castle, Bear and Claymont, DE micro-markets offer tons of choices in your break room. For instance, get healthy snacks, fresh foods, sweet treats, protein meal replacements, all-natural options, crunchy sides, etc. The options are nearly endless! Employees will feel like they’re in their favorite restaurant.

K&R Breakroom Services offers rotating menus. This keeps things fresh. We even take special requests. Everybody can enjoy delicious meals, regardless of their dietary needs. Additionally, employees can pay their way. The self-check kiosk takes cash and credit. Or, even mobile wallets.

New Castle Micro-Market | Bear, DE Breakation | Claymont, DE Office Coffee

3. Trendy Cold Beverages

Everyone loves to enjoy cold beverages on their vacations. What’s better than a refreshing, fruity drink? Our New Castle, Bear and Claymont, DE vending machine service brings vacation vibes into break rooms. Employees can enjoy trendy beverages during work. For instance, fruit-flavored sparkling water or smooth bottled cold brew.

Furthermore, K&R Breakroom Services has healthy options. We carry vitamin water and energy drinks. This supports workplace wellness. Therefore, employees feel their best.

4. Games and Entertainment

All fun vacations have games! Make this a reality in the break room. Put out board games so coworkers can challenge one another during breaks. Offer puzzles to be put together a few pieces at a time as staff comes in for coffee or water. This promotes collaboration. It also boosts morale and productivity. Employees that play together work better together!

Another fun option is to put your vending machines on free vend mode or bring in some bulk goodies. This way, employees can enjoy some summer refreshments. They’ll feel appreciated and know you care. Ask us about turning your New Castle, Bear and Claymont, DE vending machines on free and our deals on ordering bulk products, such as bottled water, to be delivered. We make it affordable and easy.

K&R Breakroom Services Is Where Your Breakation Happens

Treat your team to a breakation this summer or any time of the year. K&R Breakroom Services is here to help. We offer quality break room services. Employees can enjoy healthy, delicious foods. They’ll also love our trendy drinks! Our services can increase employee satisfaction. Thus, retention rates may rise.

Want to learn more? If so, contact K&R Breakroom Services today by calling 800-427-1089. We offer vending, micro-market, office coffee, and pantry solutions. We’re excited to hear from you!

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4 Types of Chocolate that Make Wilmington Breakrooms Sweeter

World Chocolate Day, on July 7th, just passed. However, we wanted to continue the celebration! Want to add some sweetness to your Wilmington breakroom? If so, offer chocolate! Employees love these treats. This boosts workplace satisfaction. Plus, dark chocolate has many health benefits. Thus, it supports workplace wellness.

What are the best chocolates to offer in your breakroom? Keep reading to find out.

1. Milk Chocolate Is a Creamy Treat

Milk chocolate is smooth and creamy. Therefore, it’s a classic favorite! It also has mood-boosting magic. Chocolate naturally lifts your spirits. As such, it improves morale.

Stock this classic treat in your office pantry. Or, offer it in your Wilmington vending machines, so employees can satisfy their sweet tooth 24/7. It pairs well with sparkling water and some fruit.

2. Go Dark for a Healthy Snack

Employees want more healthy snacks in the breakroom. Give them what they crave with dark chocolate! It’s packed with fiber and antioxidants. Plus, it may even improve blood flow. This helps your staff feel their best. Not to mention, this treat is super tasty.

Wilmington Micro-Market | Chocolate Refreshments | Office Coffee

Dark chocolate pairs well with foods such as nuts or fruit and you can enjoy it with your coffee. Keep a basket by your Wilmington office coffee station as it makes coffee breaks sweeter!

3. White Chocolate Tastes Buttery and Sweet

Another delicious option is white chocolate. It’s rich and buttery. Furthermore, it’s great for employees who don’t like cocoa flavors.

White chocolate can be enjoyed with berries or citrus and is a great snack for Wilmington micro-markets. Employees can buy fresh fruit and pick up this cocoa-free alternative for a yummy afternoon treat!

Want to add some to your Wilmington breakroom services? Talk to our team, and we’ll get you some delicious options.

4. Ruby Chocolate Is Great for Holiday Celebrations

Lastly, ruby chocolate is excellent for employees who love fruity flavors. It has hints of strawberry, raspberry, and is velvety. It’s also pleasing to the eyes. That’s because it’s pink! Thus, it’s great for adventurous eaters.

Serve this variety on special occasions. Offer it at holiday parties. Or, treat your team on Valentine’s Day. This shows you care. Thus, it improves staff satisfaction.

Add Sweetness to Your Wilmington Breakroom Solutions

Ready to sweeten up your Wilmington workplace? Offer these cocoa treats in your breakroom! K&R Breakroom Services is here to help. Delaware Valley businesses have trusted us for decades. That’s because we offer quality breakroom services. We’ll find the perfect solutions that fit your needs.

Want to learn more? If so, contact us today at 800-427-1089 or We’re excited to chat with you about our vending, micro-market, office coffee, and pantry services. We hope to hear from you soon!

Dover Staff Retention | Office Pantry | Subsidize Office Perks

Why You Should Subsidize Your Dover Workplace Snacks

When it comes down to it, your team wants to feel appreciated. Their hard work should not go unnoticed! If you’re looking for ways to enhance employee satisfaction and workplace culture, consider subsidizing items in your break room. Use Dover office pantry service, a subsidized micro-market, or even a sponsored vending machine. When you subsidize the snacks and drinks in your office, it is actually a strategic business practice. After all, happy employees are productive ones! By offering your team refreshments, you can boost employee retention, recruitment, and productivity.

Still wondering why you should subsidize your Dover break room? We’re breaking it all down below.

Improve Employee Retention

Make the break room something special with free refreshments for all staff. It’s a simple yet effective way to make your team feel valued. Whether you add more grab-and-go snacks to your micro-market or introduce fresh and healthy food options, free refreshments can make a big impact. When employees have easy access to snacks and beverages, they can make better use of their breaks.

There’s no more rushing out of the office to the nearest cafe. Instead, your team will be better able to focus and work better. They’ll love having everything they need just a few steps away from their desks! That’s the basis of our office pantry service at K&R Breakroom Services, as we want to support both your team and your business.

Dover Micro-Market | Break Room Service | Subsidize Coffee Service

Subsidize Snacks and Beverages for Recruitment

Nothing wows job applicants like excellent employee perks, and that includes the break room! If you really want to impress, consider a hybrid micro-market model. This allows you to cover some or all of the cost of items, while still offering all the benefits of a micro-market. For example, if you’re making an effort to boost corporate wellness, why not offer a discount on, or fully cover, the healthy food options? Trust us, your employees will thank you for this!

Don’t forget about the impact of Dover office coffee, either. Along with gourmet options that will wow staff, consider single-cup coffee brewers. The bean-to-cup machine can make espresso, lattes, cappuccinos, and more. Potential employees will love it!

Increase Employee Productivity

Taking regular breaks is vital for employees to perform their best. Therefore, having free snacks and drinks in the break room will encourage them to take the time they need to recharge. Consider upgrading your office coffee service, so employees can grab a fresh cup on their break. When they return to work, they will be renewed and energized. A Dover bean-to-cup coffee brewer is a fan-favorite option, but you can also go with traditional office coffee brewers too. Whatever you prefer, we’ve got you covered!

We’ll Help You Subsidize Your Dover Break Room!

Subsidize your office refreshment services and give employees an amazing break room they’ll love. Contact K&R Breakroom Services at 800-427-1089 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!

New Castle Vending Machines | Employee Benefits | Office Coffee

3 Ways To Get Your New Castle, DE Breakroom Summer Ready

Summer is almost here. Are you ready for some fun in the sun? Err, we mean office. Make your New Castle breakroom feel like a day at the beach. How? Get it summer ready!

Need some help? Don’t worry, K&R Breakroom Services has you covered. We’re sharing our favorite ideas to bring summer into the breakroom.

1. Add Refreshing Foods to Your Micro-Market Menu

Help employees keep their cool all summer long. Add refreshing options to your micro-market menu. For example, offer fresh food like wraps and light summer salads. We can also stock your New Castle micro-market with summery snacks like fruit cups and fresh veggies.

Employees must stay hydrated. Beat the summer heat with healthy beverages. Offer trendy teas or juices in your New Castle vending machines. Or, try iced coffee or a refreshing cold brew coffee through our office coffee service.

How about some sweet treats? Surprise and delight your staff with delicious ice cream throughout the hot summer months by adding it to your office pantry menu. This can boost employee satisfaction!

New Castle Vending Machines | Employee Benefits | Breakroom Office Coffee

2. Add a SodaStream to Your Breakroom

Nothing screams summer more than fizzy drinks. You can enjoy the season with every sip. Add a SodaStream to your New Castle breakroom refreshment solutions for the best bubbly drinks!

Additionally, employees can customize their water with summery flavors like strawberry, lime, or lemon mint. Best of all, all flavors are unsweetened.

Employees can fill up their reusable bottles at the water filtration station and cut back on single-use plastic bottles. Our New Castle water service makes water taste great. It removes chemical tastes and odors. This helps promote workplace wellness and keeps your staff hydrated. It also makes your office environmentally friendly.

3. Refresh Your Breakroom Space

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. Add a few games or a TV to the breakroom. Therefore, employees can enjoy themselves as they unwind. They can also play games and interact with coworkers to build stronger social bonds. Don’t forget to add tasty snacks to the breakroom!

Want to revamp your breakroom and make it more visually pleasing? Just add artwork! Look for art in shades of blue or gray. These colors support relaxation. Or, add pops of color with wall decals. Try octagons or leaf-shaped patterns. They are pleasing to the eyes. Plus, decals won’t ruin the walls.

Lastly, add some greenery. Plants make your breakroom lush. They also improve air quality. Place a pothos plant on top of the fridge. Or, hang a spider plant in the window. Brighten a dark corner with ZZ plants. There are so many options for greenery in the office!

We’ll Get Your New Castle Breakroom Ready for Summer

In conclusion, getting your breakroom summer ready can improve workplace morale. Looking for quality New Castle breakroom services? Contact K&R Breakroom Services today at 800-427-1089 or We offer micro-market, office coffee, vending, and office pantry solutions. We’re excited to work with you!

Wilmington Coffee Service | Coffee Trends | Fun Employee Perk

Fun Coffee Additions To Try in Your Wilmington Break Room

Want a foolproof way to satisfy employees? Provide them with an excellent office coffee service! We’re not just talking about your premium black coffee, either (although, that is essential!) Beyond your basic coffee service needs, there are lots of ways to dazzle the coffee lovers at your Wilmington office. In fact, there are several ways to make coffee fun. If you’re not sure where to start, don’t worry! When you work with K&R Breakroom Services, we’ll help you create a positive office break room experience for your employees — from your coffee products to your office pantry service, vending machines, micro-market, and more.

So, are you ready to wow your employees? Here are a few simple ways to upgrade your Wilmington refreshment services with fun coffee options.

Use Flavored Creamers for Fun Coffee Drinks

The basics are important. But you’ll want to go above and beyond for a high-quality and modern coffee service. For example, in addition to classic creamer, you can add flavored creamers for staff to try. You might consider rotating between fan-favorite flavors like vanilla, hazelnut, caramel, or mocha. Take it to the next level by including seasonal flavors like pumpkin for fall and peppermint options for the holidays. It’s also a good idea to provide non-dairy options. Employees looking for healthy beverages and snacks at work will appreciate oat milk and almond milk.

Fun Wilmington Break Room | Coffee Creamers | Office Coffee Brewers

Syrups are Delicious Additions

Take the flavor options in your Wilmington break room a step further by including a variety of syrups to the menu. Not only does this create more options for your team, but it will also create a coffee shop-like feel right in your office building. Therefore, employees won’t feel the need to leave the office to get their favorite fun coffee drink. Whether you have a traditional coffee service or a single-cup coffee brewer, try tasty flavors like caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut. Trust us, your team is going to love it!

Create Fun Coffee Recipes With Flavored Sprinkles!

If you really want to impress your crew, add flavored coffee toppings that you can shake into your cup of joe. Yes, coffee sprinkles are a thing! Of course, you can’t go wrong with a cinnamon shaker, but there are other premium products made with high-quality flavors and ingredients as well. From chocolate powder to brown sugar, these sweet and delicious toppings are a great way to personalize and customize your coffee.

Provide Fresh Food Pairings

A great Wilmington office coffee service isn’t just about the coffee! In addition to premium coffee options and flavors, you should bring in treats and snacks that go great with coffee. Add things like cinnamon sticks, cereal, croissants, and chocolate to your office pantry. Employees will appreciate the added benefit, and their morning cup of joe in the office will quickly become the best part of their day!

Support Your Wilmington Employees With a High-Quality and Fun Coffee Service!

Give employees amazing break room services they’ll love, and let us help you do it! Contact K&R Breakroom Services at 800-427-1089 or for more information about our micro-market, office coffee, office pantry, vending, or water filtration services. We look forward to working with you!

Dover Breakroom Services | Office Coffee | Snacks & Beverages

4 Common Misconceptions About Dover Breakroom Services

Deciding on the right Dover breakroom services for your company can be hard. You want to create the perfect breakroom, but there’s so much information to consider. Should you add modern coffee brewers to your office coffee service? Or should you try a micro-market? Myths about services can muddy the waters, making the process even more confusing.

This month, we’re highlighting common misconceptions about breakroom services. These myths can make it difficult to know which services are best for your unique needs. With the right information, you can make informed decisions for your office.

Breakroom Services Myth #1

MYTH: Micro-Markets only work for big companies with large breakrooms.

FACT: K&R Breakroom Services can customize your Dover micro-market solution. We’ll work to create a micro-market that fits into your breakroom space and budget. We can build micro-markets in almost any space. Even tiny micro-markets can provide a variety of refreshments and snacks. Plus, we can customize the menu of refreshments so that it best meets your company’s needs.

Breakroom Services Myth #2

MYTH: Coffee equipment is a pain to maintain. Most companies don’t have the resources or staff to do this. So, why bother with modern coffee equipment?

FACT:  We are a full-service breakroom solutions provider. That means we maintain your Dover office coffee equipment. We ensure everything is fully functioning. From cleaning to maintenance, we make sure your staff can always enjoy a cup of coffee.

We also help you choose your coffee equipment. A traditional coffee brewer is great for serving coffee at meetings. Or, opt for a bean-to-cup brewer for the freshest coffee. Not only do we maintain equipment, but we also keep your coffee bar stocked. We supply sugar, creamer, stir sticks, and more. Our priority is to keep your breakroom stocked with the coffee supplies you need.

Dover Vending Services | Breakroom Office Pantry | Micro-Market Food

Breakroom Services Myth #3

MYTH: Keeping track of inventory is a headache. Ordering more refreshments is yet another task to complete.

FACT: We use advanced software and remote monitoring to keep track of your inventory. That means the breakroom is always stocked. In other words, no one has to worry about ordering refreshments for the breakroom. We streamline your Dover breakroom services. Adding a micro-market, an office pantry, or vending machine to your breakroom is effortless. The hassle of maintaining your breakroom disappears!

With K&R Breakroom Services, your employees will have reliable access to snacks, beverages, and food. The best part is that it requires very little effort on your part. We’ll take care of it all!

Breakroom Services Myth #4

MYTH: You can only get traditional snacks like chips and soda from Dover vending machines.

FACT: We can offer a mix of healthy options and traditional refreshments. Let us know which snacks you’d like to see. We can tailor your vending products to include your team’s favorite items.

You can even upgrade to fresh food vending! That means your staff can get sandwiches, wraps, salads, and more, from vending machines.

Knowing facts about breakroom services can help you make decisions with confidence. Remember, we’re here to help! Get in touch with K&R Breakroom Services to elevate your Dover breakroom today. Call us today at 800-427-1089.


New Castle, DE Office Pantry | Keep Employees | Micro-Market Service

Keep Employees with a Great New Castle, DE Break Room

Businesses must keep employees. Training new New Castle, DE employees is expensive. Plus, it’s a downer when coworkers leave. Thus, employee retention reduces costs and boosts morale. But how can you improve retention rates?

Try offering better New Castle, DE break room solutions! A break room can make employees feel appreciated. Plus, they’ll like their jobs more!

Office Pantry Freebies

Employees love free food! Thus, consider New Castle, DE office pantry services. They can enjoy complimentary snacks, like nuts or candy. Or you might offer delicious drinks. This will make employees feel valued. In turn, they’ll work harder. Plus, they will become more loyal.

Additionally, an office pantry helps attract new hires. It’s an excellent recruitment tool. This is especially true if there’s specialty coffee! Get a New Castle, DE bean-to-cup brewer. It makes a wide array of drinks. Users can make cappuccinos or lattes. The sounds and rich aromas turn break rooms into cafes!

Keep Employees with Micro-Markets

Want an alternative to vending machines? If so, get a New Castle, DE micro-market. These mini-stores offer fresh, healthy foods. There are also plenty of beverages! Did we mention snacks?

New Castle, DE Healthy Snacks | Employee Retention | Office Coffee Vending Machines

Fresh food is stocked in the open coolers. This gives employees more meal options. They can buy healthy food 24/7. This helps them stay fit. They’ll also save them time and money. There’s no need to drive to the store.

The stylish look upgrades your break room. Plus, employees can look at items before they buy.

Tech Forward Services

Self-checkouts are more popular than ever. Businesses are adding them to lobbies. Want to keep up with these trends? Add a self-checkout kiosk to your break room.

Employees will love the convenience. They don’t have to wait in long lines. They can pay and go! Plus, there are more payment options. For example, pay with a card or cash. Most kiosks also accept mobile payments.

Here’s to Your Health!

Health and wellness matter. This is true even in offices. Thus, help your staff feel their best. Give them access to fresh, delicious water. Just install a New Castle, DE water filter in your break room. The filters remove chemical tastes and odors. As a result, drinks taste great! Plus, employees will stay hydrated all day long.

Furthermore, it makes your office eco-friendly as there’s less need for single-use bottles. Instead, staff can refill reusable ones.

Keep Employees Around for the Long Run

Stop losing top talent. K&R Breakroom Services can help you keep your staff with better break room services. In turn, your employees will feel appreciated. They’ll be less likely to jump shop.

We offer micro-market, office pantry, coffee, and water filtration services. You can call us today at 800-427-1089 to learn more. We’ll help you find the best solutions for your office!