K&R Breakroom Services has the vending machines your Burlington employees have been waiting for! We offer customizable snack, food and beverage vending machines that create awesome breakroom experiences for your Burlington customers. Let us work with you to fill your vending machines with the latest snacks that continue to impress your Burlington employees!

We are committed to customer satisfaction at K&R Breakroom Services and will be available year round, should a technical issue arise. Your Burlington snack, food and beverage vending machines accept debit/credit cards and mobile payments from Google Pay and Apple wallet, allowing for more convenience in the breakroom. Create a vending experience your Burlington employees are happy about!

Vending services and micro-markets in Burlington


No office is complete without incredible office coffee service from K&R Breakroom Services. We offer a variety of high quality brewers and we are sure there is something for every Burlington office, no matter the size! You can bring the local coffee shop to your Burlington office with a traditional pour over or single cup brewing system and wow your employees. We will even help stock your Burlington breakroom with cream, sugar, cups and straws to create the perfect cup of coffee!

In addition to fantastic office coffee service, at K&R Breakroom Services we also offer water filtration systems that are perfect for your Burlington breakroom. Between our floor standing and counter top model, we are sure your Burliington employees will stay happy and hydrated. Our water filtration systems also deliver hot water, which is perfect for your Burlington tea drinkers! This service truly is for everyone!

Burlington coffee and water filtration services


Give your Burlington employees something to talk about! K&R Breakroom Services delivers the best micro-markets in Burlington. We create a custom design that fits perfectly in your office, equipped with unique displays, racks and coolers. You can even customize your snacks, food and beverages so that Burlington employees are continuously satisfied!

Although not required, as a Burlington employer you can choose to cover all or part of your employees cost and reward them for their hard work! Burlington employees can check out independently, 24 hours a day and pay with their mobile phone or debit/credit card. Talk about convenience! Not to mention, employees can have access to this modern take on vending without ever having to leave the workplace.

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