Quality Vending Machines for Dover’s Best Companies

Why do you want vending machines for your Dover operation? Because a quality vending service provides the fuel people need to do their best throughout the day. So, don’t just go with any vending machine service… start and finish with K&R Breakroom Services. We offer all kinds of vending machines, including snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, food vending machines and coffee vending machines for your Dover location. We even offer vending machines that are dedicated to healthy food items. We’re all about the latest in convenience technologies. Ask about such features as cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery with advanced technology that allows us to remotely monitor your inventory so we’re always delivering what you need, when you need it in your Dover breakroom.

Office Coffee to Serve Any Dover Business

An office coffee service is just what your Dover office needs to keep employees energized. K&R Breakroom Services provides everything you need. We have the wide range of coffee brewers to handle any volume, from state-of-the-art single-cup brewers to more traditional coffee machines that brew by the pot. All our coffee brewers feature the latest in capabilities, allowing your Dover employees to easily brew great coffee and adjust parameters to their preferences. we can also supply other breakroom necessities, like stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins, creamers, and sweeteners.

Beyond office coffee service we also offer water filtration systems for your Dover breakroom. They are easy to use, affordable, and come in a variety of configurations to fit any office space. In addition, we also offer an all-natural and revolutionary water flavor system. Nothing but natural ingredients are used which means better flavors and better for you.

Dover Comes to Us for

If you want something more for your Dover vending services, then you want a Micro-Market. Think of it like a small convenience store integrated into your available Dover office space. Using a combination of attractive racks, coolers and displays, we can build a Micro-Market in any sized space. Then we fill it with your choice of unique items, including gourmet salads, artisan entrées and fresh fruit. At the center of any Micro-Market is a self-checkout kiosk, which lets Dover employees handle the transactions whenever they’re ready. This also allows the store to stay open all day, every day. No matter what hours your people are in the office, they can enjoy the advantages of a Micro-Market.

Office Pantry Service in Dover

Bring your Dover Micro-Market to another level with pantry services from K&R Breakroom Services. It’s everything your Micro-Market is, but adding in bulk options like cereal dispensers, bulk nuts, bulk candies, and fresh fruit baskets in your Dover breakroom. Organic milk by the carton and coffee stations are also included. This is just a way to make your Dover employee offering a bit better and more accessible. At the end of the month, we simply send an invoice for the
items consumed.

When it comes to superior vending programs, K&R Breakroom Services is the only choice. Contact K&R Breakroom Services today at 800-427-1089 or e-mail info@krvending.com

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