Eddystone Vending Machine Service

Contract the best Eddystone vending machine service by calling in K&R Breakroom Services. We offer modern vending machines filled with the snacks and drinks Eddystone residents love. Plus, purchasing from our Eddystone vending machines is easy thanks to our flexible payment acceptance. Eddystone vending machine users can pay with cash, credit or debit card and even mobile apps.

vending machines and water filtration service in Eddystone

Office Coffee & Water Filtration For Eddystone

From the quality of the coffee to the regular service of coffee machines, K&R Breakroom Services is known for the best Eddystone office coffee. We offer Eddystone customers both traditional coffee brewers that use pre-measured ground coffee as well as single-cup coffee brewers that make each coffee drink fresh. Eddystone single-cup service can be cartridge style or bean-to-cup, which replicates the Eddystone coffee house with its freshly
ground brewing.

For companies that want to enhance the office coffee experience further, we offer Eddystone water filtration service. We take your existing water and pass it through advanced filtering technology that removes all the particles that affect taste and quality. The resulting water is delicious and greatly improves the flavor of Eddystone office coffee and tea.

office coffee and micro markets in Eddystone

Micro-Markets For The Eddystone Area

We are pleased to offer Eddystone micro-market service, a revolutionary breakroom refreshment option. Coolers and shelves are freestanding in the breakroom, so Eddystone employees can pick up and look at all the available options. There’s more room than a vending machine, allowing more drink flavors, a greater variety of snacks and even fresh food. Micro-markets are a popular employee recruitment and retention tool for Eddystone businesses, and there’s zero cost.

vending machines and water filtration service in Eddystone

Full Service Corporate Pantry In Eddystone

Maximize the benefit of your breakroom with our Eddystone pantry service. We put cereal, snacks, food, drinks and more into your breakroom for employees to enjoy. Once a month we send your Eddystone company an invoice for what’s been eaten, and that’s it. No petty cash or reimbursement hassles. No time taken from your day to stock the pantry. We handle all the Eddystone pantry
service needs.

Keep your breakroom stocked and an enjoyable place to visit by contacting K&R Breakroom Services at 800-427-1089 or e-mail info@krvending.com

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