Innovative Vending Machines Full of
Milford’s Favorites

K&R Breakroom Services places only the latest vending machines when customers contract our Milford vending service. This means that our beverage vending machines, snack vending machines, and coffee vending machines all accept today’s payment types, including credit cards and mobile pay. These same vending machines are connected remotely to report what’s sold in your specific Milford breakroom. This helps us build a pre-kit to refill your Milford vending machine, and also tailor the items inside the vending machine to better fit your Milford employees’ and customers’ tastes.

vending machines and office coffee service in Milford

Sophisticated Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service Customized to Milford

Let Milford coffee service experts make your office coffee program a success. We offer the latest single cup coffee brewers sure to impress Milford employees and customers. Choose a capsule or pod single cup coffee brewer for loads of variety in your Milford breakroom. Or, mimic a Milford coffeehouse with a bean to cup coffee brewer that grinds whole coffee beans before brewing the perfect office espresso and coffee drinks.

Expand your office coffee service further with premium Milford water filtration service. The water filtration units we install take Milford water and remove chemicals and particulates. That water is then used in coffee brewers, office ice makers, and dispensed from a bottleless water cooler. Your Milford employees and customers will rave about the taste of water from the water filtration system.

vending service and micro-markets in Milford

Contemporary Micro-Market Solutions for Milford

Optimize your company breakroom with Milford micro-market service. Start with our state-of-the-art kiosk where Milford employees scan products and pay with credit cards or mobile pay. Surrounding the micro-market kiosk are candy and snack shelves as well as food and beverage coolers. There are more choices in a Milford micro-market than in several vending machines.

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