Millville’s Most Trendy Vending Machines

K&R Breakroom Services invests in Millville vending service so you get the very best. All our snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and coffee vending machines have the latest technology built right in. LED lights make the vending products pop in your Millville breakroom while saving energy and being better for the environment. Remote monitoring shows which vending machines are working well and which have a technical issue or need restocking, without us having to visit your Millville location first. Modern payment acceptance allows all Millville employees and customers to pay with cash, credit card, or mobile pay at the vending machine.

vending machines and office coffee service in Millville

Office Coffee & Water Filtration That Boosts Millville’s Corporate Morale

We know Millville office coffee. We bring the highest rated single cup coffee brewers available to our Millville partners. Enjoy plenty of variety from a capsule or pod single cup brewer with dozens of nationally known coffees available in your Millville break area. Another option is a bean to cup single cup coffee brewer, which takes your choice of whole bean coffee and grinds, then brews it for espresso that rivals the Millville coffeeshop. We deliver coffee to your location regularly, and handle preventative maintenance on the coffee brewers.

Don’t just upgrade the office coffee in your Millville office, but also the office water! We offer the area of Millville water filtration service designed to impress. The water filtration system attaches to your existing Millville water lines for easy installation. The water then travels through advanced filtering technology that removes chemical tastes and impurities. The water continues to be delivered to your Millville breakroom through a bottleless water cooler. There are both floor-standing and countertop breakroom water dispensers available for a perfect fit.

vending service and micro-markets in Millville

Micro-Market Service to Boost Millville Morale

Get ready for the next evolution in breakroom refreshment beyond vending machines -- micro-markets. We service Millville micro-market that are ready to impress employees and serve as an employee retention tool. A micro-market transforms your Millville breakroom with open shelves full of snacks, candy, granola bars, chips, and healthy alternatives. Glass fronted coolers showcase fresh food, entrees, energy drinks, flavored water, and more. Millville employees can browse and then purchase their micro-market products at the self-checkout kiosk. The touchscreen allows different payment options, including credit card and mobile pay while being innovative.

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