Vending Machine Service That Surpasses
Moorestown Expectations

K&R Breakroom Services is the premier Moorestown vending service provider. Our modern snack vending machines, coffee vending machines, and cold drink vending machines include the latest technology. Moorestown employees and customers can pay with credit and debit cards or mobile pay, not just cash. Sensors inside the vending machine ensure a product is delivered or trigger an instant refund, making your Moorestown vending machine safe to use for customers passing through or regular visitors.

vending machines and water filtration service in Moorestown

Unique Moorestown Office Coffee & Water
Filtration Service

We help you build a custom Moorestown office coffee service with premium traditional and single cup coffee brewers. Choose a pod or capsule single cup coffee brewer that makes dozens of different types of coffee, tea, and specialty coffee. There is no cross contamination from drink to drink, so everyone at your Moorestown location gets exactly the drink they want. When creating a more cafe-like experience, our team of office coffee experts will recommend a bean to cup coffee brewer for your Moorestown business. A bean to cup single cup coffee brewer takes gourmet whole coffee beans and grinds them while you wait. Although you are still in your Moorestown breakroom, you can hear the grinding and smell the coffee brewing, as the bean to cup machine becomes an automated barista and delivers perfect espresso and espresso drinks.

Take your office coffee service a step further with Moorestown water filtration service. Our water filtration system uses water already coming into your Moorestown facility. It includes special filters that remove chemical residue and impurities that exist in your water from Moorestown sanitation processes. After filtering, the water is cooled and heated in a water dispenser to be ready for Moorestown employees and customers on-site. They can instantly enjoy an ice cold, refreshing glass of pristine tasting water, or steep tea or instant soup with delicious hot water from the other tap.

office coffee and micro markets in Moorestown

Flexible Moorestown Micro-Market Solutions

Does your Moorestown corporate morale need a boost with more refreshment options and a better look? We can help. For customers that want to go beyond vending machines, we offer Moorestown micro-market service. Our micro-market service includes a custom designed plan for your space configuration and number of employees at your Moorestown facility. We then install all the snack and candy racks, fresh food and beverage coolers, point of sale displays and a self-checkout kiosk. Your Moorestown breakroom is instantly transformed into a mini storefront open to employees 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and full of grab and go favorites.

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