Vending Service Optimized for Your Mt Laurel Business

K&R Breakroom Services offers vending machine service to Mt Laurel businesses that is customized to that location. The snacks, soda, food, and candy we put in the vending machine is carefully assessed to appeal to Mt Laurel employees and customers. Mt Laurel vending machines also include remote monitoring which records what products sell quickly, allowing us to further tailor the vending products in the vending machine to your specific Mt Laurel location needs. You get the best vending experience without any of the hassle.

vending machines and office coffee service in Mt Laurel

Office Coffee & Water Filtration Solutions Perfect for Mt Laurel

We have years of experience bringing Mt Laurel office coffee service. We know which single cup coffee brewers work best, from reliability to quality coffee delivered by the cup. If you want variety in your Mt Laurel breakroom, we’ll install a pod or capsule single cup coffee brewer. It makes all types of coffee and coffee drinks with just a single coffee machine. If your Mt Laurel office requires fresher, more sophisticated drinks, a bean to cup coffee brewer could be the solution. A bean to cup single cup coffee brewer uses whole, gourmet coffee beans for each drink. The beans are measured, ground, brewed, and delivered to the user in seconds. The process is all done automatically, so there is no need for a barista in your Mt Laurel breakroom, yet the quality is coffee house level.

To improve your Mt Laurel workplace even more, contract our Mt Laurel water filtration service. Water filtration is a great stand alone service or add-on to office coffee service. It takes your existing water and sends it through filters that remove chemical residue and impurities that affect taste. The water dispensed in your Mt Laurel breakroom is then pure-tasting and fresh. The water dispensers have hot and cold taps, making the filtered water available on-demand in your breakroom.

vending service and micro-markets in Mt Laurel

Exclusive Mt Laurel Micro-Market Service

Every one of the Mt Laurel micro-markets that we will install is unique. We design the layout and choose which micro-market fixtures to install based on the space at your Mt Laurel facility and the number of employees on-site. It transforms your Mt Laurel breakroom with contemporary snack and candy shelves, fresh food and beverage coolers, point-of-sale displays, and a self-checkout kiosk. We then fill the micro-market with specially chosen products that will appeal to your Mt Laurel employees, constantly bringing in new options to keep it fresh as well as tailoring the micro-market choices to their tastes.

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