Vending Machines in Newark

Give your Newark employees a little fringe benefit and some much-needed energy with vending machines from K&R Breakroom Services. We have the vending machines you want, stocked with the products you want. Choose from snack vending machines, Pepsi vending machines, coffee vending machines and food vending machines. We even have vending machines just for serving up healthier foods. All of our vending machines at your Newark breakroom feature the latest in industry technology. This includes vending machines offering cashless payment, guaranteed product delivery and remote inventory monitoring, which gives us the ability to see what’s in your Newark vending machines before preparing to restock.

Office Coffee and Water Filtration Perfect for Newark

The right coffee will get your Newark employees moving in the morning and keeps them motivated throughout the day. And that’s exactly what an office coffee program from K&R Breakroom Services can do for your Newark location. We have the brewing equipment to handle any sized operation, from standard brewers to single-cup machines, and we have the widest selection of coffees and teas to match. We’re also willing to manage your other breakroom supplies. We’ll bring the stir sticks, cups, plates, napkins and creamers needed for your Newark breakroom during our regular supply stops. Why do it yourself when we can do it for you more efficiently?

Beyond coffee, K&R Breakroom Services also offers water filtration services that plug into your Newark office water supply to provide better tasting, healthier water from the tap. It’s as simple and convenient as water filtration gets. We also provide an all-natural and better-for-you variety of flavored waters that you mix in your own water bottle – it is convenient
and tasty.

The only Micro-Market Provider
for Newark

K&R Breakroom Services’s Micro-Markets program is a way to go beyond standard vending with your Newark operation. Simply put, a Micro-Market converts a portion of your Newark office space into a self-sustaining convenience store, complete with hundreds of products offered from attractive racks and coolers. Also, it’s self-sufficient. Your people walk into the store, pick what they want, scan them at the self-service kiosks, and swipe a card to pay. And the integrated camera system alleviates the potential threat of theft, allowing your Newark Micro-Market to stay open all day, every day.

We Put Pantry Services in Newark

You know that your Newark employees would be more productive with food, drink and snack items available right on site. Instead of providing a series of vending machines, consider a pantry service from K&R Breakroom Services. A pantry service includes the racks and displays filled with countless breakfast, lunch and dinner options that you would find with a Micro-Market, except that it’s free for your Newark employees to enjoy. You simply pay for an invoice at the end of each month for the items consumed. Furthermore, each pantry service includes bulk food dispensers offering cereals, nuts, candy and fruit. We even provide coffee stations and organic milk in cartons. A pantry service offers everything an employee could want at your Newark office, keeping their morale and
energy high.

When it comes to superior vending programs, K&R Breakroom Services is the only choice. Contact K&R Breakroom Services today at 800-427-1089or e-mail

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