At K&R Market Fresh we have the vending machines that your employee’s want and need. We will work alongside you to create something spectacular for your North East employee break rooms!

Each of our North East snack, food and beverage vending machines is equipped with state of the art technology, allowing for a convenient break room experience. North East employees have the option of paying with credit/debit card or mobile apps, such as Google Pay and Apple Wallet. It has never been easier to create an amazing break room vending experience than with K&R Market Fresh.

Food vending machines and water filtration service in North East


North East employees will love office coffee and water filtration services from K&R Market Fresh! Bring coffee shop quality coffee and brewing equipment to your North East breakroom and wow your employees! K&R Market Fresh offers a wide range of coffee brewing equipment. From single cup brewers to traditional brewing machines, we have something for each North East break room. We will even stock your break room with all of the supplies needed to create a delicious cup of coffee!

K&R Market fresh also offers top of the line water filtration services. Our North East water filtration systems come in two different sizes that can conveniently fit in your break room and provide fresh tasting, filtered water. Our systems filter out chemicals and toxins and distribute hot and cold water. North East employees can enjoy a fresh cup of hot tea or cool down with refreshing, filtered water!

North East office coffee and micro-markets


Increase your employee morale by adding a custom micro-market to your North East workplace. This modern style of vending is a great way to offer employee incentives and keep co-workers inspired. Its design allows for collaboration amongst North East employees and also allows employees to hand pick from a large selection of snacks, drinks and meals.

K&R Market Fresh will assist you in designing a North East micro-market that is unique to your North East business, complete with racks, coolers and displays. We will also help you hand-pick your employees favorite brands so that they are continuously satisfied! Employees will never stress about carrying cash, as our micro-markets have kiosks equipped with debit and credit card readers. Turn your break room into something spectacular!

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