Value-Added Vending Machines Perfect for Pomona

Don’t settle for old fashioned Pomona vending service when you could have the best. K&R Breakroom Services offers Pomona clients the latest vending machines equipped with credit/debit card readers and mobile pay acceptors. Our vending machines, including snack vending machines, drink vending machines, and food vending machines, all of which add value to your location by being accessible to Pomona employees and customers 24 hours a day. All the items inside the vending machine are selected for value, brand quality, and popularity among Pomona residents.

vending machines and office coffee service in Pomona

Bringing Pomona Better Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service

Coffee in the workplace is essential to productivity. Done right, Pomona office coffee service can not only boost productivity, but also be an employee retention tool. Let K&R Breakroom Services add employee-wowing single cup coffee brewers to your Pomona breakroom. You’ll be able to choose from dozens of packaged coffee, including national coffee brands, for your pod or cartridge single cup coffee brewer. To ensure your Pomona breakroom stands out further, consider a bean to cup coffee brewer. The bean to cup coffee brewer delivers a personalized coffee experience using whole beans that are ground and brewed to order.

Got office coffee service? Give it an upgrade with Pomona water filtration service. We will connect a water filtration system to your existing water line. This water filtration system rids water of dissolved particles and the taste of sanitization chemicals. Once filtered, the water can be brewed, used for tea, drunk with ice, or mixed with flavors. It’s a popular Pomona office add-on and no one does water filtration better than us. Inquire about the different styles of water filtration units available to your Pomona office.

vending service and micro-markets in Pomona

Tailored Micro-Market Service for Each Your Pomona Business

Consider the Pomona micro-market service offered by K&R Breakroom Services when your breakroom needs a facelift. We supply the latest micro-market kiosk technology that automatically manages products and offers cashless purchase options to your Pomona employees. The shelves, fixtures, and coolers of the micro-market are similarly cutting edge, elevating the entire experience in your Pomona breakroom. The best part is that the Pomona micro-market supports more products than a Pomona vending machine, offering the maximum amount of choice for Pomona employees. Enjoy snacks, candy, soda, healthy alternatives, fresh food, and more.

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