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K&R Breakroom Services isn’t like other vending providers in South Jersey. We provide South Jersey vending service that dominates in the breakroom refreshment area. From state of the art vending machines filled with brand name snacks, drinks, and food, to the advanced payment options, we are the ones your South Jersey business needs. With one of our vending machines, your South Jersey employees or guests can get the most popular vending products and pay with a debit or credit card as well as mobile. Plus, if a product gets stuck, our South Jersey vending machine will provide an instant refund thanks to special infrared sensors inside.

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Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service Trusted by South Jersey

Enjoy the best South Jersey office coffee service thanks to K&R Breakroom Services’s investment in quality coffee brewers. We offer South Jersey office coffee customers the latest single cup coffee brewers available. These coffee makers brew dozens of different pods and cartridges all from one machine without any contamination drink to drink. Plus there are no loose grounds to cause a mess in the South Jersey breakroom. Upgrade your single cup to a bean to cup coffee brewer for an even more sophisticated experience. The bean to cup coffee brewer has a touchscreen where users at your South Jersey office can choose their espresso or specialty coffee drink. The bean to cup coffee brewer then grinds whole coffee beans before brewing to the exact specifications from the screen.

Your workplace water can also benefit from our investment in quality equipment with South Jersey water filtration service. We bring modern water filtration technology to your South Jersey breakroom in a full size, floor standing water filtration unit or compact countertop water dispensing machine. Both draw water from your existing water line, passing it through the latest filtering technology to remove chemical flavors and dissolved particles. The water that is dispensed in your South Jersey breakroom is fresh tasting, elevating the flavor of office coffee and tea as well.

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Installing South Jersey’s Trendiest Micro-Markets

K&R Breakroom Services doesn’t just have the best vending machines in South Jersey, we also offer the best micro-markets. With South Jersey micro-market service you get a self-checkout kiosk touch screens that allows easy purchasing of hundreds of grab and go items. South Jersey employees will now have access to fresh food, healthy snacks, and more drink varieties than are available with a vending machine. Employees can browse the micro-market and make a purchase when they are ready, whether it's during traditional business hours or the middle of the night. The payment and data security on the micro-market kiosk is cutting edge ensuring that when your South Jersey employees make a purchase, their information will be safe.

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