Successful Swedesboro Vending Service

Enhance your business with Swedesboro vending service from local experts K&R Breakroom Services. For years we’ve been bringing snack vending machines, beverage vending machines, and food vending machines to Swedesboro locations. We keep the vending machines stocked and running well to provide refreshment 24 hours a day. Your Swedesboro employees and customers will love the benefits of having vending machines onsite, especially since our vending machines accept multiple forms of payment, including mobile pay and credit cards.

vending machines and water filtration service in Swedesboro

Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service Swedesboro Can Count On

Use Swedesboro office coffee to make your business stand out. At K&R Breakroom Services, we know how to install, care for, and optimize the single cup coffee brewers and traditional pot coffee makers that deliver delicious office coffee beverages. Pod and cartridge single cup coffee brewers mean each person in your Swedesboro breakroom can choose a different drink without the risk of cross contamination or a countertop full of different machines. Create a corporate cafe in the Swedesboro breakroom with a bean to cup coffee maker. With a bean to cup coffee brewer, visitors to your Swedesboro breakroom can choose an espresso or coffee-based specialty drink made to order. The bean to cup coffee machine measures, grinds, and brews whole bean coffee in seconds.

What could make your breakroom better than office coffee service? The addition of Swedesboro water filtration service. Ice tastes better in cold drinks, coffee tastes more pure, and the subtle flavors in teas can be enjoyed without the chemical taste and odor of many water systems. We offer Swedesboro customers a water filtration system that connects directly to an existing water line, filters water, and dispenses it on demand. The water dispensing portion comes in full size and compact models, ensuring a perfect fit in your Swedesboro breakroom.

office coffee and micro markets in Swedesboro

Game Changing Micro-Markets for Swedesboro

Nothing impresses employees more than a well executed Swedesboro micro-market. That’s why K&R Breakroom Services brings Swedesboro well planned micro-markets full of fresh food, healthy snacks, brand name candy, flavored waters, popular energy drinks, best-selling sodas, and more. Your Swedesboro employees can browse all the options, read labels, and shoes their favorite without first purchasing the micro-market product. Once a decision has been made, a micro-market user can purchase it at the touchscreen self-checkout kiosk. The kiosk is secured against outside tampering and accepts cashless payments such as credit card and mobile pay.

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