Top Vineland Vending Machine Service

From innovative Vineland vending machine technology to delicious vending snacks and drinks, K&R Breakroom Services has what you need. All our Vineland vending machines accept credit cards and mobile wallets, so it’s always easy to make a vending machine purchase. We keep your Vineland vending machine fully stocked and ready for use using remote monitoring and trust-worthy vending route drivers. The drivers stock top-selling beverages and snacks in your vending machine, so products are always available for your Vineland employees or customers.

vending machines and water filtration service in Vineland

Stellar Vineland Office Coffee & Water Filtration Service

There’s no better way to perk up employees than with Vineland office coffee service. K&R Breakroom Services makes it easy to provide delicious traditional office coffee in pots as well as single-cup coffee and specialty drinks. Cartridge coffee brewers deliver a unique drink to each Vineland user, with no cross contamination between drinks. A bean-to-cup Vineland coffee brewer can serve espresso, lattes, coffee and more. A bean-to-cup single cup coffee machine brings the coffee shop to your Vineland breakroom.

Don’t underestimate our Vineland water filtration service either. We take water coming into your Vineland business and pass it through innovative filters to remove sediment, dissolved particles and chemicals. The resulting water is delicious plain or as the foundation of Vineland office coffee and tea. Our water filtration units are available as countertop and floor-standing dispensers for Vineland customers, ensuring the perfect fit in your breakroom.

office coffee and micro markets in Vineland

Best-In-Class Vineland
Micro-Market Service

Optimize your breakroom area with a Vineland Micro-Market. The open concept, grab and go market fits right in your Vineland breakroom. Employees can shop popular drink selections, the latest candy, healthy snacks and fresh food items without leaving your Vineland location. Vineland employees often prefer micro-markets to vending machines, making the Vineland micro-market a powerful employee perk that doesn’t cost your business any money. We install, stock and service the micro-market for you.

vending machines and water filtration service in Vineland

Highly Rated Vineland
Pantry Service

Boost employee retention and attraction with our Vineland pantry service. Give us your budget per employee, per day, and we’ll search for top-selling food, drinks and snacks. Then we will regularly stock those pantry items in your Vineland breakroom. You won’t have to shop, store or even inventory the pantry area. We take on all that responsibility with Vineland pantry service to ensure a hassle-free benefit to Vineland customers.

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