Quality Vending Machines for Installation
in Wilmington

K&R Breakroom Services can provide your Wilmington office with vending machine service. From snack and soda vending machines to those that deliver coffee and food, we have vending machine options to cater to any need. Your Wilmington vending program with have hundreds of popular items and even special requests that your employees crave. Ask about our unique vending machine technologies, such as guaranteed product delivery and cashless payment. All of this, plus your Wilmington vending machines can be connected to the internet for remote inventory monitoring so we can see how your stocked in real time and provide refills when needed.

Wilmington Gets Its Office Coffee and Water Filtration from Us

Guarantee gourmet-like coffee in your Wilmington office by engaging K&R Breakroom Services’s office coffee program. Our selection of brewing machines includes everything from the traditional brewing systems to single-cup and bean-to-cup. So, whatever the size of your Wilmington operation or the daily coffee brewing needs, we have the technology to accommodate. We offer a wide selection of both coffees and teas. If you prefer, we will also provide your other breakroom supplies, such as napkins, stir sticks, plates, cups, creamers and more.

We can solve your water quality problems at your Wilmington facility with a water filtration service. These water filters are available in countertop and floor standing units. Whatever you choose, they simply connect to your water supply to take care of the problem. All you need to do is turn a spigot, and better tasting water is served – hot or cold.

In addition to water filtration, we also offer an all-natural and revolutionary water flavor system featuring various choices of flavor combinations, right at your fingertips. Still or sparkling water, teas and fruit beverages, a perfect addition to your Wilmington office coffee service program.

Let Us Put a Micro-Market in Your Wilmington Office

K&R Breakroom Services can install a Micro-Markets in any Wilmington office space – small or large. A K&R Markets Fresh Micro-Market is not a series of vending machines, but instead a combination of attractive racks, displays and coolers that can offer up hundreds of snacks, beverages, and food options. Once installed, it is like having a small corner store right in your Wilmington breakroom. Employees can browse at their leisure, selecting the items they want. When ready, they head to the integrated self-checkout kiosk and take care of the transaction themselves. The kiosks are internet connected, allowing us to view your Wilmington inventory remotely. When you need restocking, we know it, and we can pre-kit our delivery trucks to only supply the necessary items. There is no need to have someone run the store, so it can remain open all the time. This is a great benefit to those not working standard hours.

Wilmington and delight with Pantry Service in Wilmington

Wilmington operations will benefit from adding a pantry service from K&R Breakroom Services. A pantry takes a Micro-Market and accentuates it with many bulk food and beverage options, like bulk candies, bulk nuts, and bulk cereal dispensers. Fresh fruit baskets are also available at your Wilmington office. Your pantry also includes a coffee station as well as other bulk beverage options, like organic milk by the carton. No need for vending machines, your Wilmington pantry service allows people to simply grab the items they want – no charge! And at the end of each month, we will send an invoice for the items consumed.

When it comes to superior vending programs, K&R Breakroom Services is the only choice. Contact K&R Breakroom Services today at 800-427-1089or e-mail info@krvending.com

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